Why 99 Factory? Why not China?

You don’t need to order only thousands of decks, we can provide you from 10 blank decks or 40 custom design decks. Decks are made in European Union, support your own region. We know what are we doing, we are skaters, not manufacturer employees. Do you need more? Check out our website or visit us in our Factory!

Minimum order?

In our pricelist the minimum order is 40+ decks, but have a bundle of 10, 20 and 30 blank decks that you can order. Of course we can make an exception about custom design decks, but printing preparations has fixed price (but you can use them up to 6 months from first order).

Payment for an order?

We accept bank (wire) transfer in USD, EUR and CZK. You can also pay with PayPal in any currency.

We are taking 50% deposit before we start to process your order. The other 50% has to be paid before shipment.

Custom shape?

Of course, we need your shape to replicate it or you can send it in electronic format. Please contact us for details.


Absolutely, check out our form for sending samples. We’ll contact you ASAP.

How many decks can you provide?

We are very flexible about the orders, we can provide from 10 to thousands decks. If you need more than several hundred of decks or you have special wishes, we recommend to plan your order upfront. We have time to reserve or order the exact material you want.

Got your own question? Here are some options

Contact Support

We’ll respond to your contact request within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to ask any question, we’re ready to help you with anything.

Direct contact

We also have an e-mail address hello@99factory.com, Skype @sales99factory and mobile phone 00420 739 096 807. What method do you prefer?