Blank longboard decks

Blank / uncut / OEM longboard decks. Great delivery times, affordable shipping costs, full service, high quality.

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Blank Longboard decks direct from manufacturer

Blank (OEM) longboard decks can be made with various concaves, shapes, dimensions
and in any amount, just from 1 piece.
Contact us for a recommendation of shape and concave for you.

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Get your free price offer right now, contact us with your needs and whishes and we will send you current prices asap. Longboard decks are available just from 1 piece! But more you order, better price you get.

Special longboard wheels wells

Custom longboard shapes and molds

We are currently working on new 12 molds with 4 shapes per mold. So in the end of 3Q/2015 we will have about 50 different longboards. We introduce them as soon as possible – you can subscribe our newsletter (in the footer) and we will let you know.

But if you have your own longboard shape or mold and if you want to make it from us, it should be no problem. We can make your own shape for 75 EUR, your own mold can be produced for 1 100 EUR and if you want to create complete mold in 3D and then produce it, it costs 1 500 EUR. If you order also longboards from us, one mold can be produced for 500 EUR.

Longboard – Classic Drop Through (Thru)

Longboard – Downhill Drop Through (Thru)

Longboard – Classic Pintail

Longboard – Classic Kick Tail