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Blank Skateboard Decks direct from manufacturer

Blank (OEM) skateboard decks can be made with various concaves and dimensions. We have medium (mellow) and monster concave and sizes from 7.5″ to 8.6″. We can also make different shapes for you and other types of decks like Penny boards or Cruisers. Contact us for a recommendation of shape and concave for you.

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Example images of our blank skateboard decks

We are able to create any shape on our CNC machine and laser print any image on the top or bottom of the deck.
Just from 5+ pieces. Contact us for current prices or more information.

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Example of our skateboard technical drawings

But of course we are able to create any skateboard or longboard custom shape and custom dimensions depends on your needs. The best situation is if you have drawing prepared in any kind electronic format (PDF, AI, IGS, STP, SVG and many others). If not, we are able to prepare electronic format from deck sample or technical drawing on paper.