Promo products

We have a great deal of experience with creating marketing products which we can include in any order of skateboard decks. We will set you free from additional order complications and shipping fees. We can provide these products in any variation of shape, color and your logo.

Our key rings and dog tags can be made in various shapes and all of them are made from skateboard offcuts – that makes them cheap and ecological. We have great mini skateboards, beer bottles or awesome mustaches! Of course we can make shapes especially for you – your logo, stars, circles or anything else.

Clothes are a great promotional gift and also a highly profitable item in your skate shop. We can make various kinds of clothes such as t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, caps, scarves, underwear, bags and very popular infant and baby clothes. Contact us for detailed prices – you will save time and money.