Track your order

If you’re our client, you get a unique order ID, so you can track every step of your order. From receiving the order, through making the decks, applying the design, packaging to delivery to your front door. . You will be notified of any change to your order will be notified by e-mail, and we can also provide pictures from each step of your order. We are happy to do our best for you.

How is it going with your order?

#1 - Place an order

Contact us and tell us your needs and wishes. We give you terms and prices immediately.

#2 - Deposit

We would like to take a 50% deposit before we start to work. Thank you. You can send it via bank transfer (CZK, USD, EUR) or PayPal (any currency).

#3 - Starting

We get the deposit and we’re going to start. If you want designed decks, we just ordered the designs. We also have all the informations about your order – colors, concave, shape and dimensions.

#4 - Pressing

Glue is now applied to all 7 decks and pressed in the machine. Then the decks are going to chill out for 1-2 weeks.

#5 - Shaping & drilling

Your material just stopped beeing “uncuts”, they are “decks” now. We cut them to your specific shape and drill the holes for trucks.

#6 - Sanding & sealing

Your decks are now soft and smooth as never before, time to cover them in shine bright sealant.

#7 - Design

We just applied your design to all decks and we laser your logo to the top of the decks (if you want to). The decks are ready to be packed.

#8 - Finish payment

Now you just finish the payment (other 50%) and we’re ready to send your order.

#9 - Expedition

We checked all the decks and give them in our brand boxes to delivery company (depends on your location). Now please wait for the the bell at your door. Thank you for ordering in 99 Factory!