Who we are

Welcome! It's our pleasure to meet you.

We are a skateboard and longboard manufacturer from the heart of the European Union, the Czech Republic. We built our factory on know-how dating back to 1999 and have modernized it with CNC cutting and laser printing for blank and custom design decks. We provide our customers and skateboard brands with a full service including blank (OEM) skateboard and longboard decks, hardware (trucks, bearings, wheels, grip tapes …) and all marketing materials such as fliers, stickers, key rings, sunglasses and various items of clothing. All branded in your design and colors.

We would also like to invite you to see our factory and the beautiful landscape of the UNESCO nature reserve of Český Ráj. We have a nice separate apartment in our factory for visitors. All of our products are environmentally friendly and we are trying to employ people with disabilities to help out in our neighborhood. The 99 Factory is made and run by skaters and that is how we can guarantee the best service and products and give something back to the kateboarding community too, by supporting contests and skateboard schools and courses.

September 2013

In 2013 we get together, join forces and strenghts, and become more professional and stable.

December 2013

In December 2013 we moved to our new factory and decorated the hall in true punk style. Check it out.

January 2014

In 2014 we set up new CNC and drilling machines. More productivity, more innovation and more happy customers from the whole EU.

September 2014

We made our first longboard and it’s just awesome! We loved it, so now you can order skateboards and longboards as well.

January 2015

We are finally producing longboard decks for customers. Got new textile printing machine and UV printer for boards – now we can do much more for your brand.

Our current building in Zelezny Brod

Some of our skateboard decks

Some of our longboard decks

And also promo materials